Treehouse Perspectives
Living High on Little

Living high on little became a way of life when the Salisburys moved their family into a tree house in Belize.

Now, after having lived for thirty-six years where the Central American jungle meets the Caribbean Sea, Tina and Kirby share their intriguing and very timely story. This audacious family set aside privileged lives in a quest to find a better balance with nature, other cultures and within themselves. It is about snakes, storms and survival, but it is also about success and the serenity achieved by finding the equilibrium they were seeking.

Few among us compose our lives with the deliberate care, integrity, and spirit-of- adventure of the Salisburys of Orange Point.

This memoir strings together narrative and poetic vignettes that chronicle the physical, emotional, and philosophical movement of a family of four from mainstream North America to a life of voluntary simplicity, grounded in a connectedness with nature and one another, in the south of the tiny country of Belize.

The stories are told alternately by Tina and Kirby, and give us a glimpse of life as it might be, and can be, if each of us follows our heart.

To know the Salisburys is to love them, and within these pages lies that opportunity.
Cheryl and John Tuck, Illustrator and author of "Listen Up! A Comic Guide to Thinking, Acting, Feeling and Healing."

“In addition to being a heartwarming story full of keen insights, its 300 pages and 60 photographs make it a good entertainment package.”

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